These ancient items that are significant either to those that created it, or to those that currently posses or use.  I typically differentiate artifacts from other magical items, and do so here.  I do not have a clear line between these two distinctions, as I feel that one does not often know the difference until one sees it.  In my list, I have considered the rarity, uniqueness, and mystical nature of the artifacts to categorize it as such.  At times, I consider the creator or relationship to critical beings related to these Chronicles.
– Garrick,
Historian , ‘Chronicles of the Shadow Lord’


Artifact DescriptionOther Information
Astral Stone More Info
Badge of the Shadow CompanySeveral of these badges have been recovered over the centuries. The badges were created by the Wizards of the Shadow Company and appear to be nothing more than a badge of a skull with ruby eyes. They were made to actually hide the wearer from any shadows. Shadows will not attack an individual openly wearing this badge, in fact, it seems as though the person was not even there to the shadows. Other undead creatures of necromantic origin (skeletons, zombies, wights, etc.) can see and attack but it then acts as a +2 badge of protection from physical (touch) attacks.
Bone CollectiveAs much a creature as an artifact, the bone collective is almost a fluid; its thousands of tiny bones coalesce into a humanoid form only to disperse in a clattering swarm the next moment. The tiny bones rustle when they move, a quiet sound similar to sand sliding down a dune.The bone collective is made from the desecrated remains of the entire Free Company that was stationed at Fort Drannaugh, and sought to betray the Shadow Lord. The entire company was tortured, executed, ground into tiny bone fragments, and reanimated as this undead horror. The bone collective is filled with the cumulative sorrow, regret, and rage at their horrid fate.

The Bone Collective was last seen atop Fort Drannaugh, considerably more powerful than before the adventure. A cave dragon named Clawgilliamanthor had laid siege to the fort with his kobold army. The players slew Clawgilliamanthor, but wisely fled the scene as their mission to retrieve the Necrus Reliquary had been completed. The Bone Collective has the power within the fort to reanimate any slain creatures to serve it. As the players left, they saw the bone collective had effectively absorbed the kobold army (which consisted of giants, hobgoblins, kobolds, other goblinoids), and had reanimated the cave dragon too!
Book: "Discussions with the Ice Tyrant"A short book written by Peros-Nihr.
Book: "Lesser Demons"A book written by Axios
Book: "Librum y Morum" (Also known as the 'Book of the Dead')A black leather book made with a strange type of translucent skin for its pages.
When the Gypsy, Pasha, saw the book at the Forest Inn, she screamed and ran from the Tavern. Obviously, she knew something about the tome, but little was learned until the discovery of the book "• The Wars of the Wasteland and the Librum y Morum (Book of the Dead). ".

Book of Shadows (see also the elf NPC Cesna) is currently in the possession of my elf PC Dell Taniquel. In “Season 1”, Dell was a member of an adventuring party known as the Guardians of the Hawthorne, which is when we retrieved the book. Later during the Festival we showed it to Pasha in an attempt to identify it. The Guardians more or less disbanded at the start of Season 2. The black book sat hidden in Dell’s backpack for all of Season 2. Dell has recently purchased the Tower at the crest of Gatekeeper’s Pass in the Eldritch Mountains. This tower is now guarded by both undead (created by the wizard PC Vaulterius) and divine servants (summoned by Dell). Dell will be making discreet inquiries among other wizard and sorcerer PC’s on Teams C and D who may wish to visit the tower.
See "The Wars of the Wasteland and the Librum y Morum (Book of the Dead)"
Book: "Novitiates and Graduates of the Magisterium y Scholarium" This large book is approximately 2’ x 2’ x 8”. There is no magic about the book and seems to simply be a book describing the process and fees to be accepted to the Magisterium y Scholarium (apparently some type of school of learning and higher education). Included in this book are the various classes and specialties of education which range across various schools, including Civil Arts (politics, engineering, etc.); Sciences (astronomy, alchemy, medica, etc.); Religion (philosophy, dieties and demi-gods, etc.); Arcana (elemental, thaumaturgy , necromancy, etc.); Warfare (personal combat, siege warfare, etc.) and more. The book also lists all novitiates and graduates of this great schools (school of all arts and magic). It has nearly 240 years of lists of novitiates and graduates. Nearly 100 new students were added each year, and typically, only 1 or 2 graduated every few years. Over 240 years, there were thousands of graduates across all fields of Philosophy, Religion, Alchemy, Engineering, Warfare, Politics, Medicine, and Magic. There were 10 levels of mastery, the lowest Novitiate class graduated only 80% of those that entered the Magisterium y Scholarium (the other 20% either failing their first level...or died trying). The graduates became less and less Typically 3% reached the 6th level of apprenticeship, and far less reached level 10; only about 1 out of every 600-700 and they reached this level of mastery within only 1 school. There have been a total of 28 people out of the 24,000 that entered the Magisterium y Scholarium that reached the highest level of Mastery. The last class was the Class of 240, after which a scribbled: the Magisterium y Scholarium was destroyed by Shadows in 240..
1. Grand Philosopher Tyrus (Class of 7)
2. Grand Philosopher Oberion (Class of 16)
3. Grand Philospher Rectar (Class of 38)
4. High Priestess Lockleer (Class of 12)
5. High Priestes Adjuna (Class of 80)
6. High Priest Faun (Class of 98)
7. High Priest Eru (Class of 162)
8. High Priest Molakai (Class of 178)
9. High Alchemist Zedron (Class of 23)
10.High Alchemist Opus (Class of 62)
11.Great Master of Arms Arganus (Class of 99)
12.Great Master of Arms Replado (Class of 137)
13.Great Master of Arms Zerius (Class of 186)
14.Arch Lord Vidus (Class of 42)
15.Arch Lord Gambus (Class of 43)
16.Arch Lord Harkon (Class of 154)
17.Arch Legate Throng (Class of 23)
18.Arch Legate Rutof (Class of 25)
19.Arch Legate Fariman(Class of 160)
20.Arch Legate Cuprom*** (Class of 220) (special)
21.High Physic Tectus (Class of 34)
22.High Physic Nikos (Class of 86)
23.High Physic Gilger (Class of 119)
24.Arch Magus Ballor (Class of 42)
25.Arch Magus Jamai (Class of 160)
26.Arch Magus Garamon (Class of 223)
27.Arch Magus Sindus Class of (Class of 223)
28.Arch Magus Fermosa (Class of 240)
Book: "Paths to Eternity"A tome written by Zarala
Book: "Shadow Spawn"This ancient text describes the means by which Shadow spawn are created. Shadow spawn are only able to exist where the essence of the ShadowRealm resides. Such essence can be captured in a periapt, but the essence is consumed after time; the stronger the shadow, the more essence that is consumed. Shadow spawn can be made stronger by having a more regular flow of the essence through a Shadow Rift. Such rifts are hard to maintain, and often takes necromantic and shadow magic to hold it open. Rifts are typically found closer to graveyards where large numbers of dead bodies can feed the necromancy to keep the rift open. The fresher the corpses, the more powerful the necromantic magic Theoretically, a permanent Rift can be made by a portal that connects all of the planes. Shadow Spawn can be as weak as common shadows to strong demonic-like creatures with great powers. Shadows can be kept at bay by certain wards ad enchantments, but significant effort needs to go into creating such artifacts as well as great knowledge from various schools of magic.
Book: "Sojourns in the Shadowfell"A book written by Axios.
This tome addresses the nature of the Shadowfell dimension, the dangers of traveling within it and a description of beneficial practice of Shadowfell meditation. It is unknown exactly how Axios learned of this. After the knowledge of the book became known in broader circles, Axios disappeared without a trace.
Book: "Teachings of Zarala"A set of books written by Zarala. At least 3 volumes of this book set exist. The First Volume....
The Second Volume specifically addresses the nature of cruelty and the practicality of using it as a powerful tool. The author gives specific recommendations to optimize one’s cruel tactics and more easily get what one wants.
Book: "The Principles of Necromancy" A book written by Nistrix the Unclean.The author addresses the nature of life and of unlife, and he further explores the process of manufacturing an artificial animus for the express purpose of attaining lichdom.
Book: "The Wars of the Wasteland and the Librum y Morum (Book of the Dead)."This book describes the book of the dead, an ancient artifact that was stolen from the Magisterium y Scholarum nearly 100 years prior to its founding. It is a book that was created by a tribal mage from the Wastelands, made from human skin as the pages. The spine was that of the mage herself. The name of the woman who created the book was Sharloos. Spilling an individual's blood upon a page creates a death spell that will utterly destroy that individual, the parents, or the person's children. If the individual is already dead, a spell is created that will raise a corpse from the dead, wholly and in the flesh, but it is bound to the will of the spellcaster. Sharloos lost the book when Overlance raided her tribesman. The tribes people, The Durg, rose up against the forces of Overlance and destroyed the cohort in its entirety. Franz Durius, the battle Wizard accompanying the cohort, through the book into the Goldenrod River and laid a curse on Sharloos and her tribe, that they and their souls would be ever-tied to the pages of the book! The book was never found.
Faceless MaskA white ivory mask of vague humanoid shape. When it is worn, the user can see through the mask as though it was made of glass. This mask seems to have had the ability to shift an individual to a different plane of existence.
FindleforgeThe Findleforge is an artifact fashioned by the shadow fey elves of the Underglen (in the Dark Ledges). It was used as an aid in the creation of magical items. It came in close contact with a mass of cold iron during which caused its slow destruction. It was essentially disintegrated shortly before the of the first Festival.
Horn of Juntin In the 2nd age, the Titan named Carthage built the horn to call all his allies. With the help of a powerful Shadow Demon it was infused with Shadow magic. Years later, the Titans where overthrown and Carthage was slain. The horn lost until just recently. The horn turns any giant into a shadow giant, part ethereal, with the ability to appear to other giants as a titan. They are also gifted with very high charisma but there is some flaws.

The forging of the Horn: The Titan, Carthage, was a petty and greedy. He infused the Horn of Juntin with powerful magic. As he had no allies he could not gain supreme power so instead of recruiting allies, he used his magic arts to create an item to force his kin to his banner. When Carthage first used the horn, he summoned a massive giant army, but soon realized that he did not have control of it. Realizing that his magic was not strong enough to maintain control, he recruited the help of a powerful demon from the shadow realm. Together, they fused the horn with shadow magic. When he blew it a second time his power was unbeatable, and his army, now under his control, laid ruin to the land . A small band of heroes managed to sneak into his camp and when Carthage new he was in trouble, he sounded the horn again. However the Horn had a different result. Instead of summoning his army, it brought forth a powerful Shadow Demon, who slew Carthage and the Horn vanished. The heroes managed to beat the Shadow Demon. Without its leader, the giant army fell into bickering and fighting among themselves and the free people defeated it at the Battle of Three Mounds.
Necklace of the NecromancersAn obsidian necklace crafted in the shape of black skull. he artifact has been imbued with the Essence of Orcus, demon prince of Undeath. The Necklace is boon for Necromancers and was held by one whose name has long been lost. The necklace is beacon of pure necrotic magic, feeding of the life of all around it. Living creatures that have their life drained slowly become mindless zombies, and those who are killed around the necklace have their souls trapped inside it. The Necklace itself is a burden to the living but a boon for Necromancers.
Necrus ReliqueryForged in an infernal bargain between mad gnomish tinkerer Fitnik Quickwicket and a horned devil named Hisszagu,the Necrüs Reliquary was constructed at the command of the Shadow Lord, for harvesting souls to bolster his army and increase his power over the realms of the living. The Reliquary, once fully powered by the souls it harvested, could also act as a key to unlock the portal rings that imprison the Shadow Lord. The Reliquary is sentient, with the power to become heavier, lighter, or more or less awkward to carry in order to hamper those whose goals run counter to the will of the Shadow Lord. The Reliquary can also attract nearby vile creatures to it. It is semi-sentient and can communicate its desires through powerful emotions telepathically delivered.

The Necrus Reliquary was taken back to its point of origin, where the players discovered it had been created not by mortal hands, but by a horned devil names Hisszagu. Protracted negotiations ensued, and finally terms were set: the players willingly gave Hisszagu their souls. In exchange, Hisszagu agreed to take the Reliquary "beyond mortal hands"
Puzzle BoxPhylactery home of Ricardo the Founder, former paladin & current lich. Last seen in the hands of Ribble T Biscuitshanks before his... departure
Ring of DichotomyAn artifact of two halves: The Embattled White Ring and the Embattled Black Ring. The rings can be arranged to become one ring, making it into the Ring of Dichotomy. Little is know of the artifact when it is together, except that it has close proximal magic to the Shadow realm.
Scroll of the Tree of the AncientsA study of an ancient tree that seems to have a high degree of intelligence. There is little personality to the tree, but legend has it that it was a gift of the gods. It is said to bear a flower whose light is as bright as day.
Shadow BannerA large banner made of black silk material. Embroidered upon it is a large skull with flames in its mouth. Sewn in the eye sockets are a pair of red rubies. The Shadow Banner was created by the wizards of the Shadow Company. For centuries, the banner was held as a sacred relic within a temple in Ak Rhun until approximately 300 years ago. At that time, the temple was attacked, ransacked and burned to the ground. All priests and priestesses were executed by a group of well-disciplined warriors...possibly the descendants of the Shadow Company or another group all together. Legend has it that the Shadow Banner repelled shadows, keeping them at-bay. The more forces within the Banner's radius, the broader and stronger the radius. The Shadow Company held the banner at the center of it's army which extended its protection out to further points. When the Shadow Company became traitors to their liege-lord, the Shadow Lord, they used the banner to keep away the Shadow Lord's creatures while they banished him through the portals. The banner is still in the hands of one of the adventurers from the first Festival.
Soul CharmA once fashionable piece of jewelry in the shape of a locket. The soul charm / locket kept a part of a person's essence (hair, nail, skin, bone, etc.) within. If enchanted correctly when sealed it is possible to recall information about the individual (memories, activities, location, etc.). This could only be done by a Charm Reader, an individual with the innate skill of reading such artifacts. It was once thought that these Soul Charms protected individuals from bewitchment by sending away a piece of their soul. Individuals would then send the soul charm locket away and in the safe keeping of a loved one. They have been known to be effective in many cases, but the costs of magical material need by a Charm Reader to perform their ritual often outweighed the cost of regaining the essence from the item within.
Soul Charm: Locket of AshenarA locket containing the dried tears and salt of Ashenar. After being read by Lena of Plumwood, the following memories were recovered:
(a) Ashenar is crying and collecting his tears for the locket. He sets the locket on a desk in his home at the Old Watchtower with a rose with a beautifully written tag on it 'For Dancer, my True Love'. A memory is recalled of the first time he saw her: Tall, lean, strong but feminine. She performs with grace and Amazing flexibility and agility. Her piercing eyes. Feline femininity. Ashenar is happy with his thought of her. Their love was discrete but pure. Performing together in wild acrobatic scenes with vivid colors and exuberance of glow when together.
They share many things together including Ashenar's love for books and research. They learned of many things that didn't quite make sense. He instilled in Dancer to have a hunger to find more knowledge. (b) He learned or a library in his studies. A strange library. It appears and the vanishes and reappears elsewhere. It is visible only a short time. Through research he learn that others believe the Shadow Lord goes to gather items. And that there is information for astral magic inside. The Astral Stone is described. (c) Ashenar is traveling. Seen measuring time, distance, temperature, weather, altitude, geography of this library he has read about. He is looking for a pattern. The library did not appear as he had hoped or perhaps it appeared in a far off location. Ashenar believes he needs help to understand this pattern to determine the next library appearance location.
Soul Charm: Locket of Darryl FlintonThis soul charm contains the pinky finger of Darryl
Flinton, a corporal of the Shadow Company. The locket was 'read' by Lena of Plumwood and it contained the following memories:(a) Fort Dranaugh, in the Eldritch Mountains. Well hidden in mountain. This harbors one of the vaults for Shadow Lord's valuables. (b) Area is mainly uneventful most of the time. Guards feeling useless to fend off a goat or ogre. (c) The Shadow Company is located an area guarded by the Odwallians. The Odwallians were the builders of the vault. They were easily killed and thrown over the mountainside.
Crypt of their leader Udamen Odwallii was sealed in a nearby graveyard. (d) 5 guards killed by a trap securing the vault.
(e) Vault finally entered. A cube was found. Eerie Whispers heard from the cube. Feeling of evil . Guards pack up the valuables and head down the mountain to sell them. They are attacked for their betrayal of guarding the relics. It is chaos. All are tortured many executed. Darryl fights and They nearly cut off his arm. He pulls it away with a tip of his pinky finger hanging by the skin. He pulls it off. And puts it in his pocket. He thinks he is somewhat safe to escape and places his fingertip in a a soul charm one of his many girlfriends had given him when he left on his latest escapade with The Company. She wants to marry me. Hoping the soul charm will offer protection when the final blow hits. He is crushed. He has become part of the Bone Collective. (f) More Screams heard in the mountains. Bone fragments found in path. The bone collective as the eternal guardians of the artifacts.
Soul Charm: Locket of DenrithLocket found on the mantle in Denrith's keep and held a cutting of Denrith's hair. The charm was brought to Lena of Plumwood, who was able to 'read' the following memories: (a) Denrith is with a group of heroes, a wizard, an archer, and a 1/2 ogre, and the Cleric of Cuthbert entering an old well. (b) Denrith and his group exiting a cave smiling as they successfully bypass the giants. The smile fades.
Soul Charm: Locket of Gilgasha HildraggleA soul charm containing a small yellow tooth of Gilgasha Hildraggle
The charm was brought to Lena of Plumwood, who was able to 'read' the following memories through the eyes of Gilgasha: (a)
Much energy and wind and ruckus. She trips and bangs her head on the table. Her tooth pops out. A yellow tooth. (b) Square but ever changing
Glowing but dull
Flat but dimensional
Heavy but light
Flying but grounded
Cold Lifeless evil creatures having their souls harvested to reunite with the Shadow Lord (feeling of evil felt as the harvesting ensues. Lifeless evil creatures, large spiders, bats, crows, lizards, deformed beings of unknown origin, shadows, the undead. She gets too close and begins to cough, and bleed and feeling faint afterwards noticing losing items or dropping and breaking things or falling by tripping but nothing there to trip her. A name comes to her...
Named cube: Necrus Reliquary
(b) Beautiful pet owl named Margot
Feeding owl
Petting owl, owl looks sick. Comforts owl. Owl closes eyes and dies.
Owl is sucked into cube. Owl was at least 10 feet away from cube.
Margot's soul being harvested
(c) Gilgasha in wizard tower doing research. Away from where others will see her.
Cube was created by Fitznik, the insane gnome tinkerer.
Cube was created for Fermosa
(e) Gilgasha afflicted by dreams of shadows
Soul Charm: Locket of LongbladeThis soul charm contained the hair of Longblade, one of the rebellious Captains of the Shadow Company.
The locket was found within the estate of the Mayor of Hinckle prior to the home's destruction. It was turned into Fildrazio after the first 'Festival', who gave it to Medrick, the Dan of the Rangers. Upon meeting Lena, the Dan gave it to her in exchange for the 'reading'. Lena was able to recover the following memories of Longblade: (a) I feel that our Shadow Company is going to be betrayed by the Shadow Lord. Our wizards created items to protect me and my other officers from his shadows. Our company emblems were infused with magic that prevented shadows from seeing us. (b) We infused the company's great Shadow Banner with the power to repel shadows that came near us. The more people who stood with the banner, the further the shadows were repelled. (c) 'Squinty', one of our company wizards, trained crows to spy for us, much like the shadows do for the Shadow Lord. (d) The Shadow Lord has learned of a way to enslave the immortals of the constellations to his will! He was looking for something to make this happen, but we do not know what it is. Whatever it is, it must be found. (e) We have found a way to open all 9 gates. We need all 9 of the planar keys and the correct alignment of the stars and we can open the combination of the planes to imprison him. (f) The Shadow Lord draws his energy from the ShadowFell. If we close those sources, we can ultimately defeat him. If we don't, our best hope is to imprison him.
Soul Charm: Locket of Princess ShaniaA locket originally found in a crows nest outside of Ak Rhun. The charm was brought to Lena of Plumwood, who was able to 'read' the following memories: (a) Shania loved Copper and Copper loved her.
(b) Her lover was asked to fight for the Shadow company. (c) Shania was captured and held hostage to encourage her lover to fight for the Shadow Company. He refused to fight for the Shadow company so she was murdered.
Soul Charm: Locket of the NightcrawlerA 'Soul Charm' locket that has the black ashes of the Nightcrawler, the sadistic general of the Free Mercenary Company that took contract under the Shadow Lord. Little is known of his personal life, but his military conquests were significant as he and the newly dubbed 'Shadow Company' advanced across the New Kingdoms. Little is known of his demise, but nothing is recorded of his career after The Battle of the Eldritch Trees, which is where, it is assumed, that the Nightcrawler met his demise. The Locket itself may hold clues about the Nightcrawler and his knowledge of the Shadow Lord if one could fine a person who has the skills to read a Soul Charm.
Soul Charm: Locket of the Sorcerer, SeloA soul charm containing the Eye of Selos. Found on the battlefield of the Grim Pass.
The charm was brought to Lena of Plumwood, who was able to 'read' the following memories: (a) Battlefield. One end a hill of Giants. The other end the black dragon Antraxes. (b) Giants are brutal and intimidating but dragon appears to be dancing in the air and unconcerned of the giants. (c) The dragon lands. Giant charges. Dragon flies away as to taunt the giants. The dragon scourges the giants with his acidic breath. (d) Dragon continues to dive down on the giants. The wings are flapping and hitting the ground to bring up a cloud of dust. As the dragon flies high and the dust settles a giants headless corpse stands spewing a fountain of blood leaving a crimson ring around the corpse. (e) The battlefield is strewn with lifeless giants. The dragon prowls among the bodies taking what treasures he can find.

The item was found to be cursed. As part of the reading, the person that found it fell under it:
"The price of the memory goes beyond coin. Flaw is removed from yourself only to be replaced with "Envy: you will covet the talents and abilities of others and begrudge them of their skill."
Spear of the DeadA black lance or long spear made of a dark ebony-like wood. The enchanted weapon had a crystal haft affixed to its tip. When used in combat, the haft ignited a series of ancient ruins. There is no documentation of the ruins itself but there is mention that it was wielded by the standard bearer, Pike, of the Shadow Company.The Chronicles of Droggo
Stake of the CreatorsA wooden stake approximately 20" in length. The stake has a metal cap on one end with an embossed pentagram and other magical runes carved into it. This is apparently a wooden stake-like item that is made from the same tree of the ancients. The stake is used to defeat great and permanent evil. By pounding the stake into a living being, it immediately takes root and binds the creature. The tree locks the creature within it as the tree grows. The creature is not destroyed, but is put in a state of semi-stasis and imprisonment. The tree has the essence of the gods binding the creature, so no thoughts, spells, or anything else can escape the tree.
The Skull NecklaceA Necklace created by the Shadow Lord. Founded by King Nazg Half-Breed. Once Nazg was slain the Necklaces power activated trapping the souls under the tomb and radiating a terrible necromantic pulse eventually turning living creatures into zombies.
The Necklace's power can raise any number of Undead to control and turn living creatures into undead abominations, if in the control of powerful Necromancer. The Necklace was destroyed in the Orc Kings Tomb.