Kingdoms, Territories, & Locations

Below, I have provided a summary of The New Kingdoms and locations that have been of import in these Chronicles of the Shadow Lord.  New Kingdoms obviously require some mention, and I have provided maps on different pages listed herein that may help your adventures.  The locations are listed in the chart below for easy reference.


The New Kingdoms are within a sub-section of a vast continent, which expands hundreds of miles to the north, south, and west.  Bordered on the east by the impassable ‘Storm Sea’, to the north by ‘The Frozen’, to the south by ‘The Great Swamp’, and to the far west by ‘The Plain of Bleakness’. The New Kingdoms themselves are separated by vast wilderness, but a network of roads and waterways are regularly traveled by caravans of trade goods between the kingdoms. A large stretch of mountains, The Eldritch Mountains, divide this section of the continent between east and west, contributing to the peace between some of the kingdoms as do some of the great rivers. Many villages, small towns protected by palisades, motte’s, and some independent towns are scattered throughout the caravan routes  between the kingdoms. Some of these settlements predate the New Kingdoms themselves.

The New Kingdoms
The Kingdom of Calledras     The Kingdom of Darien     The Kingdom of Overlance     The Kingdom of Riversea     The Kingdom of Selsbury    
The Sylvan Kingdom     The Dwarven Kingdom     The City State of Sinsna’ Te

Other Territories:
The Wildlands     The Frozen     The Great Swamp    The Storm Sea