The Kingdom of Selsbury

The Kingdom of Selsbury is ruled by Queen Malletta, a very old Half-Elf, who has been on the throne for over 149 years and is coming up on her 150th anniversary as queen.  Selsbury is a matrilineal society, but one that is not based on birth order. The queen has several daughters who are candidates for the succession to the throne. The decision determined by The Magisi, the council of 12 ministers chosen by the Queen.

Selsbury is a very diverse in its economy and population. Its farmers, merchants, and nobility are held equally accountable to the laws of the realm, without special treatment that other kingdoms might typically have. It’s apparent that the equality under the law holds to all races which are nearly equally represented across society, including the Magisi.

This nation has solidified its power on a large and fertile peninsula for nearly a millennium, maintaining a very strong military and fortifications across its roads and coastlines. The capital city is Selsbury and it is situated at the head of the Great House River which flows from the center of the peninsula, winding its way to Fishing Bay which opens to the Storm Sea. The kingdom has an incredible network of rivers and roads that are regularly patrolled by the Selsbury Knights, a prestigious group of well-trained warriors who compete regularly to hone their skills (and prestige among the citizenry).

The population of the kingdom is quite varied and all major races are equally represented across all socio-economic classes.

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