People, Monsters, & Organizations

Here I have documented those people, monsters, and organizations that seem to have had some importance to these chronicles.  Some of these have been documented for historical reasons and for reference, but others may yet bring us deeper insights or have more significant involvement in the fight against the Shadow Lord.  Antheir involvement and mere presence is not by happenstance. 
 – Garrick,
Historian , ‘Chronicles of the Shadow Lord’


NameDescriptionExtra Notes
ArgathA Necromancer and Wizard of the Shadow Company. Wizard of the last of the free companies. Master of the Portal Gates. Father of Ayana.
AshenarAn eccentric and mysterious wizard, scholar, and patron of the arts. Well known for his devious puzzles and written works spinning tales of a group of children from the future sucked back into time to battle a great multi-headed dragon. Believed to have passed away peacefully in solitude nearly a decade ago, it was alarming when a group of the Rangers’ heroes discovered his spirit imprisoned beneath the very amphitheater that he created and donated to the Crossroads of Hinckle. Even more shocking is the fact that Ashenar imprisoned himself to rectify his greatest mistake: The opening of an interdimensional portal and summoning of demons to the Material plane, albeit with the intent of destroying them. Fortunately, the Rangers’ heroes were able to free Ashenar’s spirit and avert a major demon onslaught, though Formosa was still able to escape to the Material plane. Ashenar was last seen one year ago when a group of Rangers’ heroes discovered his spirit within the ruins that were home to the Astral Stone. He was suspended within a strange glow resembling a starry night sky and unable to move or speak. He was unfortunately left behind, and his fate is currently unknown.
AyanaA woman of strange origins he seems to have some Fey blood. Her mother died at her birth of unknown causes. Her father was the Necromancer, Argath. Her exact age is unknown, but Ayana was at the First and Second Festival, helping the Rangers and Adventurers. Shortly after the Second Festival, she left with the Seekers to an unknown location. In the third year of the Shadow Wars, it was found that Ayana was a child of the Shadow Lord. Her blood may be that which is needed to activate the Book of Shadows.Early Background
BeldamA former follower of Formosa before he was banished. She decided that she did not want to be under him again and wanted to destroy him and the Servants of the Shadows. The adventurers killed her at the end of the second Festival.
Bone CollectiveAs much a creature as an artifact, the bone collective is almost a fluid; its thousands of tiny bones coalesce into a humanoid form only to disperse in a clattering swarm the next moment. The tiny bones rustle when they move, a quiet sound similar to sand sliding down a dune.The bone collective is made from the desecrated remains of the entire Free Company that was stationed at Fort Drannaugh, and sought to betray the Shadow Lord. The entire company was tortured, executed, ground into tiny bone fragments, and reanimated as this undead horror. The bone collective is filled with the cumulative sorrow, regret, and rage at their horrid fate.

The Bone Collective was last seen atop Fort Drannaugh, considerably more powerful than before the adventure. A cave dragon named Clawgilliamanthor had laid siege to the fort with his kobold army. The players slew Clawgilliamanthor, but wisely fled the scene as their mission to retrieve the Necrus Reliquary had been completed. The Bone Collective has the power within the fort to reanimate any slain creatures to serve it. As the players left, they saw the bone collective had effectively absorbed the kobold army (which consisted of giants, hobgoblins, kobolds, other goblinoids), and had reanimated the cave dragon too!
BrunoOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. Bruno, a former orcish warlord, serves as a general in the Shadow Lord’s undead army. He rose to power after Formosa’s banishment to the Shadow Realm where he already resided. During his previous life on the Prime Material Plane, several orcish shaman banded together and banished Bruno to the Shadow Realm because he was deemed too dangerous even for the naturally cruel orc tribes. Meeting the Shadow Lord, Bruno was enthralled with by his cruelty and desire overtake the Material Plane. Living in the Shadow Realm for most of his adult life Bruno became a close confidant of the Shadow Lord and was quickly given leadership of several undead battalions. Seeking revenge on all other living souls, Bruno is known for his barbarism, vicious tactics, and dark sense of humor. Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
CaleanCalean grew up in southern reaches of The Frozen around the shores of the Narrow Lake, or as the humans know it, Lake Eerie. Near the human sister cities of Dt’ Roit and Winds of Orr there is a river and in that river lies an island known simply as River Isle. It is a small community of Wood Elves that came down from the wilder reaches to establish a connection to the human lands. They have established a presence in the region and are well known for their prowess with fishing and navigation. Calean's father was one of the original Elf inhabitants who were charged with creating the settlement. His mother was a human from Winds of Orr. After the death of his mother during an Orc raid, he journeyed forth from River Isle to learn more about the humans and the world south to see if his people could migrate further from the Frozen. His love of nature and cosmology initially led him to train as a ranger horizon walker, however his passion for alchemy soon found a foothold when he met and trained under Bartleby Hellespont in Silver Lake. His aptitude for the study and experience in planar travels brought his name to the attention of King Candarron of Calledras. The King was part of a collaboration of rulers from different lands who were forming a unit of investigators to seek out information and relevant artifacts concerning the Shadow Lord and the signs and rumors of his escape. Calean was asked to join and lead the Kings’ Seekers and has since been involved in the search for ways to stop the Shadow Lord. The Seekers were tasked with gathering the keys that would allow the Rangers to travel across the planes and investigate leads.
Calean is dedicated to tracking down ways to defeat the Shadow Lord and his shadow minions.
Having watched his father rule their small settlement as part of the elder council, Calean has a strong sense of how to lead in a group. However his innate preference is to work alone.
Captain Elsa Raudonas At 18 Elsa was appointed captain of Fort Edo and is recognizable for her fiery red hair. Throughout the Second Festival, she has shown adventurers a calm but commanding presence in her attempts to assist them. Though still very young, she led a gallant defense of Fort Edo when it was attacked by Rum and survived. Her actions awarded her commendations and renown for her stand against the onslaught.
CerosaA goblin blacksmith who aided the summoning of a Rakasha fiend who was bent on growing domination over the world. She led a tribe of goblins that worked for the Yeoman of the ledges. Cerosa mind-controlled Yoem, the glassblower, with a crystal prosthetic to his head. She could forge cold iron, create crystal golems and was in possession of the dark elven artifact, the Fimbleforge. Her masterwork was an animated tree golem of cold Iron and crystals, which was going to ruin the home of the dark elves, but it was waylaid and made to walk the wilds of the ledges helping keep a balance of evil powers from dominating the area. Cerosa was defeated but shown mercy.
CesnaAn elven female who made contact with an adventurer outside of Ak Rhun. Cesna had knew this person carried the Book of Shadows. She directed the person to seek out Doe Rabeck in Sinsna Te'. The only item of note on her besides her bright purple eyes was a crystal brooch she wore. The brooch was approximately 1" long in the shape of a spear tip.
Cherami NehalHead Scout of Fort Edo. Ranger Informant. Has had Several experiences with the Rum soldiers and Forest Inn Adventurers. Since Forest Inn Adventurers uncovered a Traitor in the Fort and saved her life, she would look favorably on any one who say they are from there.
Clawgilliamanthor A large Cave Dragon slain at Fort Drannaugh
Crystal KnightsLegendary Calledrian Knights of old who bore weapons of Crystal in the first War against the Shadow Lord and his forces.
DamarisAn popular female musician & singer in the town of Ak Rhun. She was found tortured and killed in her own apartment. Damaris had knowledge of the location of Garamon's Tower and gained much of her historical knowledge from Garamon's familiar, named Furble.
Dances in Myst (Dancer)A catlike, Tabaxi bard from a distant land. As beautiful and graceful as she is exotic, Dancer is adored by many and has made quite a name for herself as an entertainer in The Menagerie of Marvels…A traveling circus that performs in Sinsna’Te once or twice a year. As the one, true love of Ashenar, Dancer was instrumental last year in assisting the Rangers’ heroes in tracking down Ashenar’s research documenting the Astral Stone and the strange traveling Astral Library, which was ultimately destroyed by the Rangers’ heroes. Unfortunately for Dancer, the fate of Ashenar’s spirit is currently unknown and this weighs heavily on her heart.
Del Nikerm Rauca DaSee 'Firbol'
DelgraxithOne of the Lieutenants of Shadow Lord. A demon from the Shadow Realm who was subdued by Formosa shortly after his exile. Dalgraxith was a Lord in his own right in the Shadow Realm, although a minor one. Delgraxith ruled over demons and devils trapped within the Shadow Realm by necromancers and other mages. Most of these demonic creatures were of minor to medium strength, as few from the Prime Material could enslave a greater demon. Delgraxith was able to steal such demons from being summoned by finding flaws in the summoner's spells and wards. These demons were then trapped in the Shadow Fell and fell in the service of Delgraxith. Erexis was one of Delgraxith's minions, but upon failure Erexis' mission, the demon was destroyed by his master. Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
Doe Rabeck(a.k.a Master Rabeck). A contact in Sinsna Te' that seems to have deep knowledge of the Book of Shadows (also known as the Book of the Dead). The knowledge of the arcane words to unleash the spell contained in the book were told to Arminius.
Donten ArvalA local Druid and Ranger in service to the Dan of the Western Frontier. Donten helped adventurers through their quests to destroy the Necrus Reliquary.
DurgThe Durg inhabit the lands west of the New Kingdoms. The term does not represent a kingdom, a race, or even a culture, but rather those who are 'undesirable' to have in the New Kingdoms. The Durg is often referred to as much as the location as a wild region as well as those who inhabit it (or who are from there).

The Durg has numerous races, cultures, and creatures who are in regular competition for the scant resources of the lands. Nomads, the Travellers (Gypsies), Gnolls, Ogres, Orcs, hermits, and exiles inhabit the lands. Typically small bands travel as a pack for safety, but others are very solitary. There are no known permanent settlements in The Durg, however, there are at least a coupl semi-permanent villages where these beings hold trade rendezvous or other ceremonies. If there are alliances of the people, they are often very temporary as too many are competing for the resources.
ErexisThe balor shapeshifting demon lord of sexuality was released and the heroes barely escaped with their lives and virginities intact. His goal was to seed the world with his hideous spawn. Upon his failure to support the Shadow Lord in his rise to power, Erexis was returned to the Shadow Realm where he was destroyed by his master, Delgraxith.
FeldushAn Orc Captain of Rum Captured by Adventurers from the Forest Inn. His captors treated him well and reunited him with another Rum force fighting through a Drider lair. Since they released him without any more conflict, Feldush speaks of his experiences of the Calledras people favorably and has swayed the opinion of many to a more positive light.
Fildrazio(a.k.a Fil or Flip): Fildrazio was once a leading member of the Rangers. Fil was originally from Western Calledras where he was Dan (Captain) of the Western Frontier and later Warden of the Rangers of all of Calladras. Upon his retirement as Warden of Warriors Mark (highest rank of all rangers and of Lordly status at court), Fil was granted a large parcel of land, funds to refurbish the Forest Inn and Tavern, as well as a pension. He acted as both innkeeper and informant for the Rangers in this area.
Finnegan SpellstoneA Dwarven wizard who, by request of the crown, made his way to Fort Edo to prepare in it's defense. Using Notes taken from Patrins Tower and a corpse of a long dead Beholder, he created a puppet of the Beholder to fight in the battle.
FirbolOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. Firbol is actually the mocking nickname given to the Shadow Demon 'Del Nikerm Rauca Da'. The Shadow Demon was sent to assassinate the great wizard, Garamon, who was one of Formosa's detractors. Garamon imprisoned the demon in magical silver rings which also turned the demon into a raccoon-like creature that maintained the high intelligence of the demon. This cute creature was renamed 'Firbol' (Fur Ball) by Garamon. The demon escaped its bonds when the life essence of Garamon was released. Del Nikerm Rauca Da later possessed the body of the great storm giant, Thurgar Nimbus.Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
FormosaAlso known as the Shadow Lord. A Necromancer set on domination of the New Kingdoms. He was betrayed by the some of the leaders of the Shadow Company, an independent mercenary army under contract with the Shadow Lord. The leaders of the Shadow Company somehow exiled and bound Formosa to the Shadow Realm through a magical portal.
Franz DuriusBattle Wizard of Overlance during the first battles of the Durg. Durius captured the Book of the Dead and cast it into the Goldenrod river before he was killed by Sharmoos' Durg forces.
GaramonA Wizard of the Magisterium y Scholarium who built his tower in Ak Rhun. His Tower was destroyed by the Shadow Lord centuries ago.
Gilgasha HildraggleOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. An ancient gnomish wizard and renowned historian of ancient Maés’illionculture, Gilgasha Hildragglespent her life in the study and practice of arcane and forbidden knowledge. As she advanced in age, she became obsessed with her own mortality, devising more and more nefarious schemes to prolong her life. A master of subterfuge, Gilgasha gained the sympathy of the Rangers by posing as a doddering old grandmother whose granddaughter had been kidnapped by a fictional warlock of her own creation. Gilgasha guided a band of heroes to ancient ruins, where the adventurers defeated the obstacles that lay between her and her ultimate prize: The Spring of Renewal. Drinking from the waters, she turned back time as she turned upon the heroes. In a final dramatic battle, she was lost from view as she plummeted into unknown depths below the crumbling ruins.Later, strange happenings began in the nearby woods, and it was discovered that Gilgasha’s wizard tower had begun to malfunction. Ascending its arcane heights, another group of adventurers discovered that Gilgasha had had her bony fingers in several other vile endeavors.Most notably she was in possession of a powerful artifact of evil known as the Necrüs Reliquary (see below). After the heroes subdued the artifact, Gilgasha’s tower appeared to go dormant.Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
Gorius OrooOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. Gorius Oroo was a legendary Ogre Magi Sorcerer of the southern swamps known today as Riversea. He conquered many of the lafta communities and subdued the great nagas of the region. As Formosa's power grew in the north, Gorius was seen as a very able ally and leader that could subjugate this southern realm with just a little assistance. Gorius was defeated by a alliance of Elves from Sylbvan as well as the Reiguard's forces from Riversea and the forces of Overlance. Gorius escaped deeper into the swamp and was never seen again.Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
GrazaleerA Tiefling Warlock/Sorcerer who was in league with other minions trying to ensure the Shadow Lord's return. Grazaleer was instrumental in removing the final bond holding the Shadow Lord, thereby allowing his release through the Portal from the Shadow Realm. Grazaleer was captured and heavily interrogated by the Rangers. His soul was possessed by the Shadow Lord, Fermosa, and he had little self-will of his own. He was eventually killed after they extracted what information they could from him. Contacts, clues, and other things learned from Grazaleer are still being followed up on by the Rangers.
King Kuga Dragon-RiderKing Kuga was elected King from the 4 Rum tribes Chieftains for his prowess in managing to tame and Adult Red Dragon. His expeditions southward were about finding places to hunt and Farm in response to the Famine in the Tundra. Upon encountering Calledras, Patrin goaded Kuga to attack, but the king resisted. It wasn't until proof that the tomb was found that Kuga decided to attack the fort. After several failed assaults on the Fort, and the Death of Patrin, Kuga called for a truce.
King Nazg Half-BreedWhat is known about Nazg half-Breed is what his tortured spirit revealed to a group of Forest Inn Adventurers. He was born within Calledras and was one of the original people to fight against the Shadow Lord when he first came to power. In one victory, he discovered the Skull Necklace. Once things have calmed, Nazg was driven from Calledras by Nobles and people in power on the fact that he was a half-orc. He found his way to the Rum Tribe, up in The Frozen, and fought his way to be their chief. He then led the tribe to conquer other tribes and founded the Kingdom of Rum. With his Kingdom he brought civilized ideas from Calledras; Trade, architecture, education, bureaucracy etc. and though these have helped advanced ideas, they still have some Barbarian tendencies. His story came to and end when he and a group of Dwarven Craftsman were ambushed under Fort Edo by a Beholder and slain. The Skull Necklace he held activated it's dark power, trapping their souls in this tomb where the dwarves worked endlessly to perfect it. The Rum believe that Nazg Half-Breed is a champion of Gruumsh, the Orc Patron Deity. So, any place where he is buried is considered holy ground.
Lena of PlumwoodA dark-haired human female in mid-life years from the village of Plumwood within the Kingdom of Calledras. Her parents became strangely ill and then they both mysteriously vanished along with many other villagers in Plumwood. She relied on and also helped Olarc, the old innkeeper of the village. When Olarc died, Lena took a lock of his hair and kept it in a 'soul charm', a traditional stylized locket.
She traveled to The Forest Inn and Tavern shortly after Olarc's death to share the news with Olarc's friend, Fildrazio.

Lena has the special gift of reading soul charms using a special ritual, contents of the locket, minerals, and fire. By touch, Lena can, at times, visualize who filled the locket and also see some of the memories of the person kept in the soul charm / locket. Sometimes, Lena can read other items beyond just soul charms.
MedrickThe Dan (Captain) of the Rangers of the Western Frontier of Calledras. Medrick turned the Forest Inn and Tavern into the headquarters of the Rangers to help coordinate various teams on their adventures to learn more of the Shadow Lord's escape and how to defeat him
MelennaA gypsy and midwife from the tribes of the Durg. Melenna was the first assigned ward of Ayana. She lived in Argath's stronghold and assigned Orana the Midwife as her successor to watch over Ayana.
MismaA female Traveler (Gypsy) who became the leader of what was left of her Caravan after it was destroyed by Ogres in the region of the City State of Sinsna' Te. The Caravan was overwhelmed by a coordinated attack of 6 ogres. All males of the Caravan were killed. The women were taken prisoner and freed by Adventurers who came from the Forest Inn on a mission from the Rangers. Misma shared information about Ayana who was considered the Ward of the Travelers. She made it known that Ayana went missing at the same time of Pasha. The Travelers have been searching for Ayana for over 2 years and they fear that Pasha kidnapped Ayana for some ill reason.
NerissaLittle is know about Nerissa before she appeared at a dimensional gate inside the castle of King Grendalos Adaria of Riversea offering her help in trapping the Shadow Lord. Details are sketchy at best, but by her own telling the Shadow Lord, Formosa wrought terrible havoc in the Fey Wild during his escape. When word reached the elders of the more devastated tribes that the humans of the Prime plane were organizing against Formosa they sent Nerissa to help, having been one of the few survivors of her tribe and a skilled Druid.
NightcrawlerOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. A general of the Shadow Company who was his primary Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord, Formosa. The Nightcrawler was the leader of the Free company during the contract with Formosa. His cruelty and daring military tactics made this general greatly feared.

The Nightcrawler did not betray Formosa. One of his Captains, some Lieutenants, and the Wizards of the Shadow Company betrayed Formosa, banishing the Shadow Lord to the Shadow Realm. Nightcrawler took a contingent of his splintered army to rescue the Shadow Lord from his exile by entering the Shadow Realm himself. Fearing further betrayal, the Shadow Lord made Nightcrawler a Shadow Thrall to ensure the general's eternal commitment.
Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
NoitaOne of the lieutenants of the Shadow Lord and one of the two 'Ice Queens'.

The Ice Queens, Vaimo and Noita, are the widows of Jääparta, the Frost Giant who was slain by the heroes during last year’s adventures. When Del Nikerym Rauca Dar (horrible lord demon of shadows) the minion of Varjojen Herra, Shadow Lord, was cast out of the Cloud Giant, Thurgar Nimbus, the queens used their sorcery to separate the Talvi Kotisivu (the Ice Tower) from Thurgar’s cloud castle. The Talvi Kotisivu was moved to the ruins of Jääparta’s fortress. From there the Ice Queens plot their revenge on the clan of Skjultland and its heroes.
Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord.
NyxOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. Nyx is known to be one of the earlier followers of Formosa, the Shadow Lord, as well as a school mate at the Magisterium y Scholarium. His studies were never completed due to the schools destruction, however, she was enrolled in many esoteric courses that focused on into being a _Diabolist_. In the years that followed, Nyx became the spearpoint of many of Formosa's campaigns, using demons to wreak terror in the nights before a military assault. She was defeated in the Battle of the Elms on the southern border of the Sylvan Kingdom. Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
OrfeoOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. A creature of one of the interior planes that ravaged the Realm of the Fey in the Return of the Shadow Lord. Orfeo tricked and manipulated many of the Fey to unleash dark magics that he was able to control. It is unknown exactly what Orfeo is, as it commonly shape-shifted into various creatures and shapes. Formosa often used Orfeo to be the first to enter the various planes as he planned his escape from his exile. Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
PashaA gypsy and midwife from the tribes of the Durg, having mystical and magical abilities. She was a closely acquainted to the Ranger, Fildrazio. She was asked to visit the Forest Inn at the request of Fildrazio to help adventurers who were called to support the king in eliminating the evil on the Western Frontier of Calledras. Pasha was at the First and Second Festival and was the ward of Ayana. Her magical abilities earned her coin by selling magical trinkets, potions, divining, and identifying magic items for adventurers. After the Second Festival, when it was learned that Ayana went with the Seekers without Pasha's knowledge, she became very angry and threatened the Rangers for hiding Ayana from her.
Patrin Myastain- The Dragonborn A Necromancer who pledged his services to King Kuga Dragon-Rider, but in secret worked for the Shadow Lord. Through research he discovered the Orc Kings Tomb location and that an artifact known as the Skull Necklace resided there. He worked to force Rum to invade Calledras, steal the necklace from the tomb, and use the rampaging Rum Army to build up an army of Undead soldiers for the Shadow lord. His efforts were paused when Adventurers from the Forest Inn stole his notes and destroyed his tower. After several missed attempts, Patrin was finally slain at the Siege of Fort Edo.
RangersThe Rangers are a military organization within the Kingdom of Calledras. They are a distinct branch of military from the King's Army or Navy. The ranking system has 'Scout' as the lowest rank. Several Scouts report to a 'Pathfinder'. 4-6 Pathfinder's report to a Ranger. 3-5 Rangers report to a Lieutenant, and 4-6 Lieutenants report to a Dan. A Dan commands what is called a Company of Rangers. Additionally, 6-8 Dans report to a Warden. The Warden is the highest ranking Ranger. The Warden sits on the King's Privy Council but has known to disagree and not follow the orders of the King, seemingly without any penalty.
Ratna the VenomousFormosa’s lieutenant known as Ratna the Venomous is a mystery in the Shadowfell, but a dreaded one. Outside the dismal demi-plane, not even his name is known to most. Yet, in the shadow plane, whispers warn that those who oppose the Shadow Lord’s plans are likely to suddenly disappear. Often a high-profile opponent will be found poisoned, but just as likely, they are never seen again. These crimes are attributed to the Shadow Lord’s personal assassin, though the few who can describe the man are not inclined or able to talk.Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
ReaversLittle is known of the Reavers except that they seem to be a group of assassins who are not aligned to any Guild and operate outside typical 'bounds' of the Assassin Guilds.
RicardoA resurrected paladin Lich who was part of the founders years ago... perhaps during the era of the Free Company's first visit.
ShadowbreathOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. Shadowbreath was a legendary Lich of the Great Wastelands of the West. Little is known of his life, but he is thought to have been the first Ama Liches of the ancient Suridian kingdoms. His reign lasted nearly a one thousand years until Janda, the boy-king of the village of Asrap, discovered an ancient reliquary that held Shadowbreath's soul. Janda used the reliquary to imprison Shadowbreath and then cast it into 'the great beyond' (a place lost in lore). Upon Formosa's rise to power, a lich claiming to be Shadowbreath returned to the wastelands of the west to destroy the great kingdoms. Reports of a powerful lich came from the west, particularly from the Durg traders into the New Kingdoms. A lich was reported to be at Formosa's side during the battles of the inner planes.Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
ShaniaAn elven princess who kidnapped and held as ransom so that her lover, Copper, would assist the Shadow Company. Her lover did not agree to the demands of her captors, and Shania was killed by the Shadow Company.

Prior to her capture and murder, Shania was well known for her generosity and kindness to the poor. She founded a charity in the City State of Sinsna Te' where many held her with great honor. After her death, politicians of the city district took advantage of her death for political purposes, and created a shrine and a 'Festival of Giving' in her honor. The Shrine has grown to be more of a temple today, with Shania being held with the honor of a near demi-god.
SharloosA powerful female shaman of the Traveler tribes (Gypsies) of the Durg who lived in circa 900 of the post-apocalyptic calendar. She is the creator of the Book of the Dead and created it to control rivals of all sorts. Shortly after its creation, Sharloos assumed the role of Chief Shaman of all of the Durg. The Book of the Dead, along with other powerful magic as her ally, allowed her to rule large territories of the Wildlands. Tensions increased on the borders of Overlance due to her rising power and shortly thereafter, a large military force was sent from Overlance to put down this new threat on their western border. After several engagements with the Overlance knights, the Book of the Dead was lost, but the Durg came out victorious. Many Durg warriors were lost and Sharmoos and her forces retreated deeper into the Wildlands. Nothing was heard of her since in the East. One item of note is that when Franz Durius, the battle Wizard accompanying the Overlance forces, became cornered with defeat by Sharmoos' forces, Durius through the book into the Goldenrod River and laid a curse on Sharloos and her tribe, that they and their souls would be ever-tied to the pages of the book!
SkyggebrannOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord.
Skyggebrann the Dracolich, was once was a red dragon who occasionally served Formosa as mount and lieutenant. In life he enjoyed the terrible deeds he would do for the shadow lord such as terrorizing farmers and destroying villages, now these are simply sweet dreams of an age long past. During the first Hinkle Hunt, he was tasked with creating a distraction to lure the bravest warriors away from Formosa's primary goals. The great wyrm was overwhelmingly successful in the mission. In so doing he was severely injured and flew away barely clinging to life. He forced his wizard servants to keep him alive, an order that was misinterpreted. They understood keep him from dying. In a terrible ritual, they were able to grant him Lichdom. He rewarded their efforts with a quick death
Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
The Servants of the ShadowsA self-developed cult that is trying to build a following for the Shadow Lord. Nothing has been confirmed regarding if Formosa has even acknowledged them yet. Adventurers ran across two "divisions" of the cult and defeated them in the second year of The Festival.
The Shadow CompanyThe Shadow Company (Also known as the Free Company) was a small army of mercenaries that were hired by Formosa as he started to come to power. These 'swords for hire' were the worst of the great mercenary companies of the time. They were a gang of murderers, thieves, rapists, and worse...all with solid military discipline. If you needed an army that would take no prisoners, kill everything, and sow fear among your enemies, then this was the mercenary company you would hire. They weren't cheap, and typically took on multi-year commissions. Their ranks swelled and shrank based on their campaigns. They would take new recruits, but the recruits had to be as dark-hearted as they were as well as loyal.

The Shadow Company worked for Formosa (the Shadow Lord) for several years. As the Shadow Lord's power grew, the Shadow Company became more and more wary of their sponsor. His Shadow spawn become more powerful and more deadly. Formosa turned on many an ally to gain a stronger hand. As such, the leaders of the Shadow Company created artifacts to protect themselves from Shadows: medallions of protection and their army standard protected them in case the Shadow Lord turned against their contract. The Shadow Company captain, his lieutenants, and wizards took the opportunity after a long battle, seeing that the Shadow Lord's strength was sapped. They captured him with magics, bound him, tore out his eyes, his tongue, chopped off his fingers, and bound him with physical and magical bindings. They opened a portal to the Shadow Realm using a special combination of keys and alignment of the celestial bodies. The physically threw the Shadow Lord into the Shadow Realm using the portal, and reset the combinations of the portals on each of the planes, ultimately securing the Shadow Lord for a millennia.

The Shadow Company's betrayal of their sponsor caused a schism in their ranks. Those who supported the Shadow Lord and those that betrayed him. Long wars between the fragments of the Shadow Company occurred. Who won or what happened to the remnants is lost to history.
a.k.a Free Company
UnfirthOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord.

Unfirth was a low-ranking member of the Shadow Company when Formosa was betrayed by his own minions and cast into the Shadowfell. Unfirth was infuriated by the actions of the "traitors" and vowed to liberate his master from his eternal imprisonment.
Unfirth came to Sinsna'Te after learning the acnient secret that the city was originally designed to act as a giant portal that could pierce all the way to the Plane of Shadow. He used his guile to play upon Lord Mayor Sanit Sevestra's insecurities and wormed his way into Siversta's confidence. After securing his power base, Unfirth began planting ideas into the Lord Mayor's head, convincing him to unwittingly pursue Unfirth's own goal of bringing Fermosa back to this realm.
Unfirth began cultivating a new cultivated at serving Fermosa. Known to its members as The Servants of the Shadows, these cultists can be identified by the silver and blue robes they wear.
The cult's ultimate goal is to free Fermosa. In the meantime, they do whatever they can to spread the influence of evil and shadow. Their recent plan in Sinsna'Te involved spreading the Blood Plague.
Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
VaimoOne of the lieutenants of the Shadow Lord and one of the two 'Ice Queens'.

The Ice Queens, Vaimo and Noita, are the widows of Jääparta, the Frost Giant who was slain by the heroes during last year’s adventures. When Del Nikerym Rauca Dar (horrible lord demon of shadows) the minion of Varjojen Herra, Shadow Lord, was cast out of the Cloud Giant, Thurgar Nimbus, the queens used their sorcery to separate the Talvi Kotisivu (the Ice Tower) from Thurgar’s cloud castle. The Talvi Kotisivu was moved to the ruins of Jääparta’s fortress. From there the Ice Queens plot their revenge on the clan of Skjultland and its heroes.
Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord.
YeomanA charismatic bugbear who rules a multiracial band of brigands in the Dark Ledges. His group includes, giants, hobgoblin monk order, Fey, a tribe of goblins, and other bugbears.
YoemA glassblower in the town of Hinkle on the Western Frontier of Calledras. He was an honest tradesman until he was kidnapped, mind controled, and made to work for a very crafty goblin blacksmith who, created with Yoem's help, crystal golems in the shapes of goblins. He was freed from mind control and healed somewhat. He recovers in some town west of Hinkle.
ZaralaA fabled necromancer (sometimes referred to as a "witch"). Author of what some consider the definitive texts on necromancy, she seemed particularly interested in wielding power through cruelty, with the ends justifying the means to one's particular goal. It was assumed by her contemporaries in the necromantic arts that she had died like any other mortal.

Recent discoveries prove that this might not technically be the case.

Her familiar was said to have been a black cat.
ZoryaOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. A legendary figure of the Old Kingdoms, Zorya, along with her twin brother Zoryu, caused the Wars of Domination. Trained both as a Necromancer and Abjurist, Zorya assisted her brother in the great rebellions against the Emperor Victis in the year 983 Old Empire. She was captured by Dominus and suffered 1,000 days of torture before she, along with her brother, were encased in a crystal that kept them alive, while burning them alive every night. The Crystal of Fire that encased Zorya was a nightly reminder of the citizens of the empire. For nearly three centuries, the twins burned each night, long after the empire had collapsed and the capital fell into ruin and decay. In his studies, Formosa learned of the Crystal of Fire and journeyed across the Storm Sea to find it. Formosa found the Crystal and was able to set the twins free. The twins allied themselves with the Shadow Lord out of deep gratitude and became his loyal Lieutenants in his wars. After the Shadow Lord's exile, the twins vanished.Lieutenant of the Shadow Lord
ZoryuOne of the Lieutenants of the Shadow Lord. A legendary figure of the Old Kingdoms, Zoryu, along with his twin brother Zorya, caused the Wars of Domination. Zoryu was a great warrior king of the tribes of the Ancient Wood of Carriack, a vast forest that covered much of the Northeast continent of the Old Kingdoms. He lead his barbarian forces in the Wars of Domination against Imperial forces of Emperor Victis in 983 OE. Zoryu conquered vast territories but was betrayed by his own generals who entrapped and handed Zoryu and his sister Zorya over to Emperor Victis. He and his sister were publicly tortured for 1,000 days of torture before he was encased in a crystal that kept him and his sister alive, while burning them alive every night. The Crystal of Fire that encased Zoryu and his sister was a nightly reminder of the citizens of the empire. For nearly three centuries, the twins burned each night, long after the empire had collapsed and the capital fell into ruin and decay. In his studies, Formosa learned of the Crystal of Fire and journeyed across the Storm Sea to find it. Formosa found the Crystal and was able to set the twins free. The twins allied themselves with the Shadow Lord out of deep gratitude and became his loyal Lieutenants in his wars. After the Shadow Lord's exile, the twins vanishedLieutenant of the Shadow Lord