The Chronicles of Shadow

It is here that I am beginning to assemble the history and stories of those involved with the Shadow Lord and his minions. These stories must be documented now, as memories are short. The information must not be lost and we still may find clues within these stories that will help us on our challenging adventures ahead.
These chronicles, ‘The Chronicles of Shadow‘, are an assembly of stories and histories.  Some may seem fractured and disjointed.  Some poorly written or written with a poet’s pen.  The content is what is important, and I encourage all to review these entries to help you on your quests. If you have other stories, please tell them to me so I can add them to the Chronicles!
Foundational Information:  The following information is important to all those who are part of this grand adventure:
The Emissaries of Entropy: A band of adventurers who decided to continue their adventures to help learn more of the Shadow Lord and clues to his defeat.
  1. Leaving the Forest Inn
  2. Escorting Fildrazio
  3. The Road to Plumwood
  4. Old Teak’s Cottage
The Adventures of the Friendly Ettin: These limited journals provide are collected from a band of adventurers who called themselves The Order of the Friendly Ettin. They headed South from the Forest Inn after the first gathering of the Festival.
  1. Travels toward Plumwood
  2. To Meet Fildrazio
  3. Returning the Locket
Travels of The Bilgwater Band from Effingham Swamp:  A hearty group of adventurers headed toward their homes after the end of the first Festival.  However, on their way, they had some adventures and discoveries that may be important to these Chronicles:
  1. Bilger’s Rocks (Part 1)
  2. Bilger’s Rocks (Part 2)
  3. The Inevitable Demise of Ribble T. Biscuitshanks
Sergeant Arjen Glazier:  The Sergeant Arjen Glazier of the Calledrian Guard reported the following when he reported back to his regiment at Warriors Mark.
  1. The Black Bow
Ribble T Biscuitshanks
  1. The Inevitable Demise of Ribble T Biscuitshanks
Other Details of prior Festivals
  1. Journal of the Last Living Crystal Knight
  2. Of Baeldraakeles and the Demon Gordraak