The Kingdom of Calledras

The seat of power of the Kingdom of Calledras is in the fortified city of Warrior’s Mark, the capital. The city itself sits upon a low hill, surrounded by mountains. What appears to be a poor choice for a capital city is actually one that holds access to a wide array of underground caverns that makes the nearby mountains themselves the true ramparts of the castle. The gentle rolling hills surrounding the city provide plentiful crops and grazing for the renowned Calledrian light cavalry and the legendary Crystal Knights.

King Candarron has held the crown for nearly a decade and has been steadily increasing his defenses as threats on his Western Frontier have grown steadily worse. Monsters of untold horror once again stalk the lands freely, threatening settlements. Most denizens of this region prefer to hide and occasionally raid small settlements and villages and even some of the larger towns and cities. These constant threats have impeded the growth of the frontier and the ability to tap into its vast riches and valuable trade routes. Most recently, a new threat has been made known in this region. A powerful Necromancer called the Shadow Lord is rumored to be causing the rise of the evil creatures on the borders of his realm.

The *population of Calledras* is made up of Human (60%) Dwarf (25%) Other (15%). The capital city of Warrior’s Mark is 80% human, 15% Dwarf and 5% other.

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