The Kingdom of Darien

The Kingdom of Darien is currently under the rule of King Sarra Bremir.  The Bremirian Monarchy has held power for 18 generations.  The kingdom is a very wealthy sea-faring nation and displays its wealth in its architecture, art, and public works. It is clearly the richest of the New Kingdoms, at least in its display of its wealth.  Hundreds of islands within several miles of the mainland make up the ‘Golden Archipelago’ of island estates that extends nearly 300 miles. The landed nobility competes for influence in the Court of Darien, the capital city.

Large fleets protect the borders and sleek trade ships, known as Caravassas, carry goods between the estates and the ports that dot the main coastline as well as making trade as far south as the Kingdom of Riversea. There is a high degree of Piracy, particularly beyond the borders of the archipelago, but there is always concern of ships being accosted even within the kingdom’s territorial waters. There is some suspicion that privateers are hired by some of the wealthy houses to attack their competition.

Humans are the primary populace of this nation. Less than 10% of the population is made up of other races, and those races being closest to the docks and trade ships. Rare is it a site that any non-human appear at the Darien Court.

Darian’s borders have expanded inland over the past 3 or 4 generations. This expansion was a result from the growing need of natural resources and crops to support an ever-growing population. An increase of attacks by the barbarians from the Northlands have caused the kingdom to grow its military presence. In recent months, more and more farmers and landed gentry have retreated to the coastal cities as the threats of not just barbarians, but other fell beasts, have increased their attacks, particularly in the forest areas surrounding the foot of Mount Greylock. Hunters have found victims hanging by their feet, bodies drained of blood, throats cut and hands cut off. Those traveling deeper into the forest have not returned.

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