The Kingdom of Overlance

The Kingdom of Overlance is the most western of the New Kingdoms, and therefore the youngest of the kingdoms. More commonly known as ‘The Kingdom of Two Cities’, from its two prominent cities, Lexing and Camden.

Lexing is also known as the Summer City and sometimes called the Upper Kingdom, while Camden is known as the Winter City or Lower Kingdom. Both of these cities are very ancient, predating many of the other kingdoms in the land themselves and possibly that of the Great Cataclysm.  However, the kingdom itself did not form until three centuries ago.

King Magna Cane has been the ruler of the kingdom for twenty eight years, his family being one of very long and tumultuous lineage. The family consolidated its wealth and power to finally convince and conquer the squabbling lesser families…not necessarily in that order.

The capital itself switches between the two palaces as the seasons change. While the king is at one city, his Secretary, Lord Took, manages the affairs of the other city which is nearly 300 miles distant. The families have held this dynasty and tradition of ‘absentee rulership’ since the kingdom had been founded. An outsider’s view may be skeptical of having two capital cities and the arrangement between the Royal family of the Cane’s and the Lord Secretary of the Took’s, but the very strong traditions of duty, and honor, prevent even the consideration of the Lord Secretary over-reaching his authority.

Lexing is located in a semi-mountainous region, north of the Goldenrod River. The city is a beautiful, albeit small fortress, high upon a promontory of rock. The city of Camden is nearly 300 miles to the southwest of Lexing, along the same Goldenrod River which twists its way through the entire kingdom.

Both Lexing’s and Camden’s economy are quite diverse, including agriculture and husbandry, mining and quarrying, and carpentry. Their woodwork is highly prized and often adorns each of the palaces across the New Kingdoms. The populace of the kingdom is spread throughout small villages throughout the land but even the most remote villagers try to make it into one of the Two Cities at least once a year for the Spring, Summer, or Autumn Festivals. These festivals bring in huge crowds for trade, match-making, and general festivities.

Most of the king’s reign has been one of conflict from the Durg tribes of the west, but over the past few years, he has achieved a cautious peace with his neighbors. The military of the kingdom is made up of a wide variety of heavy and light infantry, cavalry, and strong ballistae. Patrols around the country side are not common except upon the western borders and southern borders. The Durg itself are not homogeneous by race, culture, language or leadership. They are simply any creatures that are ‘out of the west’ or anything west of the Kingdom of Two Cities.

Although most of the Durg are a medley of various races, the Kingdom of Overlance is primarily Human (80%) with a mixture of other races (20%). Because of its homogeneity of the Royal Line being human, most of the power remains with humans. Some officials are of other races, but it certainly is not reflective of the racially mixed society.

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