The Kingdom of Riversea

The Kingdom of Riversea is the southernmost of the New Kingdoms. The kingdom extends from the Storm Sea on the east to the Shattered Lake, nearly 300 miles inland. The kingdom is roughly 75 miles wide, but also controls a relatively narrow strip of land of approximately 30 miles in width along the southern coast that extends along the coastline from the Windy Bay in the north to the River of Lakes, nearly 300 miles to the south.

Ruled by the Adaria family for several generations, the current ruler is King Grendalos Adaria , a recent widower and a person who is well past the prime in his life. His daughter, Princess Aura, is a beautiful (and single) woman of 18.

The kingdom itself is *divided into four provinces: Avaria, Agos, Halo, and Akora.*

The Province of Avaria is also called ‘The Lowlands’. As its name implies, this province is one of flat plains that gently extend to the coastline. Its low elevation results in yearly flooding during the autumn months caused from massive storms coming off the Storm Sea. Agriculture and fishing is the primary economy of this province whose fertile crops feed the entire kingdom and beyond. Few settlements that would be considered cities exist, but there are dozens of larger Kho, which are settlements of a hundred buildings or more built on stilts, that are interconnected by raised large platforms and bridges. The closer to the Storm Sea, the higher these Kho are off the ground. Smaller villages, called Khotee are found throughout the region.

The Province of Agos is just west of Avia and is a province of low rolling hills, forest, and pastures that are ideal for raising livestock of all sorts. The region is known for its woodworking and shipbuilding as well; the ships designed as shallow-bottomed trading vessels up through larger ships that can risk the vast waters of the Storm Sea. There are several larger cities in this region that are within walled fortifications of wood and stone to protect from the occasional incursions of creatures from the wilds of the north or the swamp lands of the south. The capital city of the kingdom is also in the province of Agos, that being Pelion, a large walled and well-fortified city where King Grendalos holds his court.

The Province of Halos is the westernmost province in the Kingdom of Riversea, and sits in the highlands that are just leeward side of the Blue Mountains. This region is much rockier and ill-suited for farming. The region is rich in minerals and ores of all kinds which is the focus of its economy. This region has a less centralized governance than the other provinces where each town has its own leader called the Reiguard, who rules with an iron fist with one hand and local traditions in the other. The Reiguards are decided based on a trial by combat which often leads to either the former Reiguard or the challenger being dead. Magic is forbidden in any such trials as it is seen as a sinister and dishonorable choice of combat. The members of this community have a close friendship with the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains as well as the Dwarves of the southern lands.

The Province of Akora, also known as the Riverlands, is a relatively narrow province that is south of Avaria, hugging the coast for nearly 250 miles southward but typically less than 25 miles wide. This province is filled with a great number of rivers and lakes, all interconnected to each other and the Sea. Although there is firm soil between the hundreds of river ways, many live upon great flat boats called Laftas, often anchored in place season to season. A grouping of 20-30 of these laftas form their towns and communities. As the seasons change, the entire towns relocate, making it very difficult to pinpoint where one town is at any given time! Each community is managed by a Water Warden, assigned by a vote of the community, who makes community decisions such as when and where to relocate, judges minor disputes, and arranges marriages between families in other communities. Their economy is a simple one, based primarily on fishing, weaving, and herbal medicines. The people are peaceful to all of its neighbors, and often provide gifts to the denizens of the swamps to the south to maintain the peace, but are hearty warriors with bow and spear.

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