The Sylvan Kingdom

The Sylvan Kingdom existed long before the New Kingdoms. Scholars have traced back its origins for over four thousand years. This kingdom is a densely-forested region that is nestled between the Blue Mountains on the east, the Mountains of Fog to the north, and the Smoke Mountains to the west. Several large lakes are throughout the kingdom with rivers running from the high mountain reaches cutting through the lush forest and deep ravines. The concept of a capital city does not exist in the kingdom.

Because of the attraction of the ancient forests and beauty of the region, all types of elves call this place their home. The High Elves tend to locate themselves in the sustari; small cities with narrow but high wooden buildings with long sloping roofs. The sustari are scattered throughout the kingdom, but primarily in the northern forest closest to the mountains.

The Wood Elf tribes are found throughout the region with houses built within the magnificently large poplar and oak trees.

Along the western frontier with the Kingdom of Two Cities (Overlance), villages of humans, elves (and half-elves) are common; a social commentary on the friendship between the two kingdoms. Further to the south among the deeper ravines and shadowed forests, there are known to be Drow elves, but little is documented about them that is available to me at this time.

The kingdom is ruled by King Esselion Laure who has held the crown for nearly four centuries. A body of Taara, a collection of the recognized Houses in the kingdom, approve the King’s chosen heir (who may be blood relative or not). The Laure family have held the crown for nearly two millennia.

Each of the Taara is typically, the eldest member of their House and has no boundary of being male or female. Knowledge of the politics of the kingdom are not well known, as it is seemed to be uncouth to discuss politics openly or even among others of similar beliefs. It is seen as a necessary, but distasteful activity by most of society.