The Wildlands

The Wild Lands are unsettled territories by civilized people and little is known about the geographic region itself.  What is known has been collected by ancient records from the Kingdom of Overlance, some tidbits of information from merchants who traveled to its region (and survived), and the occasional adventurer who risked life and limb, and returned again.

The Wild Lands are dry grassland on its eastern borders.  Tall grasses and scrub bush seem to grow well in the sandy soul.  Small rodents, lizards, and even some larger herbivores exist.  This eastern region is of mild climate that, if it wasn’t for the poor soil, would likely have been settled by the Kingdom of Overlance long ago.   Further west, the land opens into deep canyons and high rocky plateaus.  Temperatures in this region can range to well below freezing to incredible heat.  It is rumored that volcanoes exist in the lands, but there has not been documentation as to where.

The people that inhabit this land are uncivilized, and known as The Durg.  It is a name that encompasses the people, not the race, of the region.  The races include gnolls, trolls, giants, orcs, goblins, and other monstrous races, but there are also renegade elves, humans, tieflings, and possibly more races that lead a nomadic and meager existence.  The Travelers, or gypsy-folk are originally from this area, which explains much of their foul demeanor and general untrustworthy nature.

Several centuries ago (I know I have records of this somewhere and promise to find it), There was a significant war between the Kingdom of Overlance and The Durg.  Since then, there have been many skirmishes along their borders, but no significant warfare.  Overlance maintains a constant check on the evil that wells there.

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